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Where Does Your Work Ethic Come From? According To HBR: Your Parents

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review penned it perfectly: “We’re obsessed with work-life balance.” The irony in that sentence is striking. To be obsessed with finding ways to not be so obsessive about work is worth reflecting on, in

Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

Why Negative Feedback Stings (and How to Make the Most of It)

Feeling threatened, angry or vulnerable about feedback is natural —here’s how you can better handle and respond to it. Am I about to get fired? You try and push the thought to the back of your mind as you walk

Business, The Marketing Hub

Your Fear Of Looking Stupid Is Making You Look Stupid

What other people think of you is none of your business. According to psychological research, the greatest emotional need is security. Who doesn’t want to be liked? Yet, trying to be liked and living in alignment with your goals and