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Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

This 12-Word Quote Entirely Explains How To Be Successful

“Hope looks forward. Faith knows it has already received and acts accordingly.” — Florence Shinn Getting yourself into the right mindset is your #1 job. You need to 1) know what you want and 2) know that what you want is

Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

4 Things Holding You Back From Accepting Your True Purpose

A guide to overcoming distractions, fears, limiting beliefs, and your ego Each of us came to this world with a special mission. That’s why we are all so unique and our gifts so diverse. Some people are great at bringing

Business, The Marketing Hub

How Do You Take The Leap From Your 9–5? Follow These 7 Steps

The moment I graduated from college, I made it my mission become a full-time writer. I knew if I wanted to turn “what I loved” into a career, then I was going to have to be the one to figure that