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Business, The Marketing Hub

You Love What You Invest Yourself In

Until you love something, you’ll never give everything you have for it. Passion fades. Love only becomes more powerful, regardless of the outcome. Love is the highest of all human motivations. The lower motivations — avoiding punishment/pain, seeking reward/pleasure, and duty

Business, The Marketing Hub

How Do Some People Succeed So Quickly? They Approach Life Like This

Life is all about perspective. The exact same situation can be perceived in very different ways by two different people. One might see loss — the other, opportunity. One might feel like a victim — the other, a change-maker. Which

Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

The 5 Elements your Personal Development Efforts are Missing

Take your Personal Growth to the Next Level You have read enough Medium articles to know what it takes to be successful and why most people never will be. You understand the ins and outs of building a powerful morning