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Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

8 Brutally Honest Lessons From Growing My Coaching Business From $0 to $6k+, in 2 Months

In my first year as a coach, I had four clients. Two of them were friends of mine (they got a heavy discount). Another one hired me for just one single session. And the last one signed up for a

Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

How a perception shift can sharpen your productivity

Mind time and clock time are two totally different things, according to Adrian Bejan, a mechanical engineering professor at Duke University. In fact, actual time doesn’t affect how we experience its passing. In an upcoming paper in the European Review, he explains that our perception

Personal Growth, Thought Leadership

Have a Dream? Here Are 5 Actionable Steps You Can Take to Make It a Reality

How many times have you watched that documentary on your favorite artist? How many times have you listened to that inspirational podcast? How many times have you watched that YouTube interview with the entrepreneur you idolize? Dreams turn to reality