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4 Ways to Create Your Dream Job

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We all want more from life. We want to lead a life of purpose. We want to wake up in the morning excited to get to work, and we want to go to bed at night feeling accomplished and satisfied.

We don’t just want a job that pays the bills — we want to truly enjoy what we are doing. We want to be able to use our unique skills and feel valued for what we do. And we want our work to make an impact — what we do every day needs to matter!

In short, we all want our dream job. The job that ticks all the boxes.

But sometimes, that job doesn’t exist.


Sometimes, you have to create it yourself!

Here are 4 powerful ways to do that:

Option 1: Create a New Job at Your Current Company

Your dream job might be closer than you think. It might not be in your current department and role, but it might actually be at the same company! If you don’t see much growth and opportunities in your current role, try thinking about the organization as a whole: What are the company’s challenges? What are the top goals? How can you match your skills, experience, and knowledge with the organization’s problems, targets, and opportunities?

Why not create a powerpoint presentation outlining your case study and your plan to help in order to pitch a new role to your boss?

Option 2: Build Your Personal Brand to Attract Opportunities

Define your areas of expertise and start sharing your knowledge online — create your own blog (or write on Medium), start a newsletter, launch a podcast or share value on social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. When you share high-value content consistently and are smart about growing your audience, you will soon get incoming opportunities like job offers, speaking opportunities, and consulting gigs. So instead of applying for jobs and being on the “begging” end, you will get opportunities come to YOU and get to negotiate on your terms! Here is a great book to help you learn more about building a personal brand: Promote Yourself: The new rules for building an outstanding career.

Option 3: Work for Free to Create Opportunities

When I started my coaching business, I worked for free all the time — I offered free coaching calls to my email list, joined startup mentoring programs and helped out fellow entrepreneurs wherever I could. I can confidently say that I would never have built a thriving coaching practice if I didn’t work for free in the beginning. Not only did it allow me to build my confidence and track record as a coach but it also helped me to get actual paying coaching clients — I got referrals from the friends I coached for free, free coaching calls with people on my email list turned into paid engagements and free startup mentoring turned into profitable corporate contracts. But I am not the only one seeing the value of working for free: My friend and well-known career coach, Michael Thompson wrote a fantastic article about how he created amazing opportunities throughout his career by working for free.

Option 4: Work for Yourself

There are endless opportunities to create your own dream job by working for yourself (aka becoming a Solopreneur). You can provide freelance services like writing, programming or graphic design, become a virtual assistant, become a consultant/coach or sell your own digital products like books and courses online. I found my dream job when I started my own company selling my knowledge on productivity and mindset through coaching, courses, and books. All I needed was my laptop and a big portion of courage and determination. Today, I work from home most days (the introvert’s dream!) and spend my time doing what I love — writing, reading and coaching people. But the best part is: it’s all on my terms! I decide WHEN I start and stop working, I decide WHERE I work from, I decide WHO I work with and I decide WHAT I work on — every day. That’s my version of my dream job.

How does your dream job look like? Reply below and let me know — I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Liz Huber
Liz Huber Author

Liz Huber is a Mindset & Productivity Coach and Founder of With her books, courses, and 1-on-1 work, she helps entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm, lack of focus, fear, and self-doubt. As a result, her clients are able to confidently achieve their goals by prioritizing what is truly important and streamlining everything else.  

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