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6 Ways To Get Free Marketing (On Your Books, Articles, Products, Etc.)

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Do you know my favorite free thing that nobody knows about?

Free marketing.

I work in advertising. I’ve done big brand ad campaigns, I’ve done local ad campaigns. I’ve done print. Digital. Billboard. Sales funnels. Etc.

And the first thing everyone thinks about when they think “marketing” is PAID marketing.

Well, on my own journey, especially in the very beginning, I didn’t have the luxury of spending money on marketing.

I didn’t have money to spend, period.

I was just an aspiring writer and entrepreneur trying to figure out how to get people to pay attention to what I was writing on the internet.

Now, I pride myself on being able to generate extreme amounts of awareness on 0 budget.

Obviously, that’s not entirely true, since awareness and marketing still require some sort of investment.

If you’re not investing money, you’re investing time.

But you would be AMAZED at how easily you can generate some serious awareness for you, your product, or your brand without shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars.

This post here on Medium is a perfect example. Who knows how many people will ultimately read this — and then check out my profile, and then head over to my website, and then become a client of Digital Press, and so on.

In fact, I would argue that if you can learn how to create awareness on $0 budget, you are going to be EXPONENTIALLY more successful as soon as you start pouring an ad budget into the mix.

So, how do you get started?

Here are 6 AMAZING ways to get free marketing for yourself, your books, your articles, your products, etc:

  1. Collaborate with other influential people in your space: Co-create content together and promote each other’s stuff.
  2. Guest blog on someone’s popular site: You do the work of creating great content, and they put you in front of their audience.
  3. Build your own following on social media: “Free” here is relative, but I have built a massive audience here on Quora doing nothing except answering questions on a daily basis — nothing more than 10–15 minutes. But it’s the habit compounded over time that generates true awareness and “moves the needle.”
  4. Create an affiliate program: If you can incentivize people to promote your content (and offer them a % of each sale, click, etc.) then you can drive some serious results.
  5. You. You are your own best marketing. Put what you’re doing in your e-mail signature, on your personal Facebook page, maybe even wear a t-shirt with your own branding on it. All free marketing.
  6. “Trading up” the blogosphere. Guest blog on a somewhat popular site. Once the post is live, take that to a larger blog as proof and offer to create content for the next blog. And the next blog. Climb the blog ladder to get yourself some awareness.

Again, I know “free” here really means “time investment,” but why I see this as valuable is because a lot of people have time. They do. They think they don’t, but they do.

But not everyone has spare cash to throw toward ads.

Take your time and invest it in learning how to market yourself.

It’s “free.”

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