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Diversity In Entrepreneurship: What We Can Do To Create A Level Playing Field

What inspires someone to become an entrepreneur? I’ve often wondered what gives some people the energy and focus to take their idea and turn it into reality. I know so many others who dream but don’t ever take action to venture out on their own. They love working and contributing

Why Top Performers Don’t Always Make Great Leaders

The problem with being a top performer is your success as an individual contributor doesn’t translate to being a great leader of people. Top performers are promoted because of their ability to do work well, not because of their ability to lead. Too often, I see organizations promote a top

4 Simple Tactics to Keep Your Millennial Talent

If you are a growing company competing for top talent, it’s likely that you are experiencing 20-25% turnover from your millennial talent. You spend thousands to hire them and then 12-15 months into the job they leave for greener pastures.   You’ve realized it’s time to invest in keeping this

What it Takes to Create a High Performing Team

Radical transparency is a key factor in developing a high performing team and it starts with you, the leader. It takes work on your end; identifying your expectations and how you want the team to work together. It seems like a lot to do, however, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work

It’s the structure. Most leadership training programs are designed for ease of operational delivery within an organization, not for habit formation. They are event-based trainings; meaning the training takes place over a day or two. In a traditional one-day or two-day long workshop, you’ll increase your knowledge. You’ll learn several

Are Millennials Really That Different?

Roughly once a week I’m asked, ‘Are millennials really that different from other generations?’ I figured it would make sense to share my response with you, distilled into four pivotal factors. #1 Generationally we are different Millennials, individuals who are now between 18-35 years old, were born and raised with

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