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Accelerate your startup’s growth with these six daily habits

Delegation, decluttering & other simple habits for success The gym is definitely not my happy place. Even the treadmill feels like a depressing metaphor: no matter how fast I run, I never feel like I’m getting anywhere. So, every morning at 8 am sharp, I meet with a personal trainer.

How to stop the hustle and set more meaningful goals

Get ready to control your own destiny Do you know someone who’s training for a marathon? I sure do. A growing number of friends and colleagues seem eager to cross “run 26.2 consecutive miles” off their bucket lists. If you’re chasing that goal, you have my best wishes. But I also

Stop trying to invent the next Facebook or Amazon

Why you don’t have to disrupt an industry to succeed The story of Zoom founder Eric S. Yuan is an entrepreneurial fable that proves even the most crowded markets are never truly full. Before launching his online conferencing and collaboration product, Zoom’s Yuan ran engineering for Cisco’s WebEx. He expanded the WebEx team

Respecting others’ time at work

How much time is wasted at work? According to workers, it’s a lot. Recent research indicates that 89 percent of people waste time at work every day, with the top 10 percent wasting over three hours. Think of that lost productivity and potential. Some of that time can definitely be attributed

How to choose a big product release and launch without losing your mind

The product release strategy we developed from 10 years of trial and error It’s not easy to hear that your product is ugly. Or that it’s confusing and out of date. Sure, the internet has its share of “haters” and trolls who love to hurl dumb insults, but sometimes that negative

How we build products for 4.5M users

Last year, we worked on a new idea. It took our team 326 days to bring this new idea to life, but it took me 11 years to create a smart product development strategy — to find the best way to dream big, work smart and give our customers the very best we

Innovation is an inside job

How to run effective and innovative hack weeks The “tortured genius” is a creative cliché. Books, films and pop culture tell us that innovation only comes from wrestling, alone, with a big idea or problem. The startup version of this narrative involves a product genius who spends weeks in isolation, creating

Why the meaning of life can’t be Googled

If you’re having one of those days (or weeks) of drudgery — maybe you’re immersed in paperwork or taxes — and you’re considering the Purpose of it All, I wouldn’t suggest digging around on the internet. A cursory Google search for “the meaning of life” will surface a range of quick, pithy advice. Most

Why bootstrapping your startup is worth the struggle

Back in 2005, I had a predictable routine. I’d get up early, leave my apartment in Brooklyn Heights and tote my laptop to the local Starbucks. After a few hours of work, I’d stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge to the West Village and settle in at another coffee shop. By

These are your customers: talk at them or talk with them?

He loves to talk about work. Well, he loves to complain about his boss. “It’s almost 2018, yet he STILL thinks the only way to market our shampoo brand is by running expensive ads on TV.” Relaxing with a cold beer, I have no issues spending the evening discussing our jobs.

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