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How to Stop Fearing and Start Loving Criticism

Strategies for converting criticism into valuable lessons when you’re on the receiving end. “Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul.” — Walt Whitman People who really make an effort — who put themselves out into the world,

How Gratitude Can Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Strategies for integrating a gratitude practice into your work.   here’s long been a terrible — and entirely unfounded — belief that the most powerful people must accrue the worst kinds of personality traits in order to be successful. I’m talking about the outdated management model of the tyrannical boss

How a Side Gig Can Boost Your Creativity — And Make You Better at Your Job

The most common misconception about side projects? That starting one will distract you from your real job. What do abstract expressionist art and virtual reality have in common? They were both pioneered as side projects. Jackson Pollock was a school janitor by day and spent after-hours working on his illustrious drip

Healthy Disagreement: The Secret to Growing Your Business

Strategies for disagreeing in a more harmonious way. “If you have learned how to disagree without being disagreeable, then you have discovered the secret of getting along — whether it be business, family relations, or life itself.” — Bernard Meltzer Many years ago, when I worked as a Junior Developer

Considering a New Hobby? It Might Help Your Career

Research has found that leisure activities have concrete professional benefits. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon spends evenings with the turntables. Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, swears by Tae Kwon Do and told the BBC it serves as a great reminder that success is in her control. Though time is a more precious resource

Ask Yourself: What’s Mission-Critical and What’s a Waste of Time?

How to refocus your time on what really matters. A professor puts large rocks in a jar in front of his class and asks if the jar is full. His class says yes. Then, he puts smaller pebbles in the jar and shakes it until the pebbles are distributed among

Feeling Burned Out? How to Bounce Back Without Working Less

Afew years ago, Dr. Stephen Trzeciak and Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli found themselves managing one of the most complex cases of their careers. But it wasn’t a complicated medical condition or a high-risk procedure. Instead, they were tasked with addressing physician burnout. Affecting more than half of US doctors, burnout is defined as a work-related syndrome that can cause

Forget About Motivation. Here’s What You Need to Succeed

I’m not highly motivated. I don’t have amazing willpower or self-control. I don’t get up at 6 am to read, meditate, drink a green smoothie, and run 10K. That’s because I don’t believe in motivation. Instead, I’ve built systems and habits that remove my internal drive from the equation. So, whether

Not All Stress Is Bad — How to Take Control of Yours

Exposure to some stress can make you more resilient and teach you how to react to future stressors I can’t walk downtown without passing a hole in the wall that’s being converted into a yoga studio. Every time I visit the app store on my phone, yet another new meditation app is

How to Stop Doing It All — and Still Have Everything You Want

“It is that a meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency. It’s much more a matter of what you do and why you do it, than how fast you get it done.” — Stephen R. Covey In his book, “First Things First,” Covey reminds us that learning to

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