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4 Reasons Why Millionaires Are Better Role Models Than Billionaires

All the respect to billionaires, but millionaires are better for the average person to look up to. Elon Musk. Elizabeth Holmes. Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Many people look up to these kinds of folks or have been looking up to them at some point in their lives. And while I’ll admit

It’s Okay If You’re Not An 100% Efficient Leader

The most efficient and effective leader is not what you think. It’s not out of the ordinary for all of us to want to get the most out of our time. Leaders and employees are always looking to get the most out of people. We even encourage ourselves to be making

4 Reasons To Always Be Learning

Learning provides a series of benefits beyond the knowledge you’d gain. One big aspect of growing your wealth is to always be learning. While the act of learning itself may not lead to direct income, there are still various benefits to consider from doing this. Often times it’s the things that

Not All Companies Are Bad

A list of some unique companies doing things to enhance the quality of life or change the world in their own way. Turn on the news today and in so many cases you’ll find a business or an executive on the hot seat for something they said or did. Whether it’s

Why It’s Better To Be Personable

In a world of automation, I’m choosing to not use robots in most situations. A few days ago I got an email that caught my attention. It was similar to some of the emails I’ve gotten in the past. It was regarding a request to include an article that they

Why The Successful Bother With Small Talk

It’s more than a matter of why but what the small talk comprises of too. For years, I can understand why so many people groan at the idea of small. The mere question of “how are you?” is by far one of the most worthless three-word combination questions to ask in the known

Why There Is Nothing Wrong With Starting A Side Business

Some people like to go all in, but there is nothing wrong with dipping in and doing a side-hustle. Here’s why. There are many types of entrepreneurs out there. There are those who will be going all out and there are some that will look at the bigger picture. These types

Why Falling In Love With Failure Isn’t Bad

I’m not masochistic. I’m someone who wants to grow. I woke up yesterday morning to see some email notifications from the freelance site I’ve been working on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get a few more clients and found some. They sent me over a test just

What Happens To Businesses When The Industry Plateaus?

A look into how businesses can act and the risks behind those actions. All my life I’ve been pretty far behind in terms of phone technology. I got my first ever phone in 2010. It was a basic slide phone. Two years later, I upgraded to a phone with a keyboard.

Facebook: A Company Who Lost Focus

And what does it mean to lose focus on your business? It’s ironic. A company whose goal from the very beginning was growth dedicated years to it. Focusing on it. What Mark Zuckerberg did at the time was a bold move that even I praised once for such a tactic.

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