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4 Ways to Create Your Dream Job

We all want more from life. We want to lead a life of purpose. We want to wake up in the morning excited to get to work, and we want to go to bed at night feeling accomplished and satisfied. We don’t just want a job that pays the bills

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Life Coach

Real talk for anyone who wants to be a coach My journey to becoming a coach began when I moved to Kuala Lumpur to work for a startup company. Being so far away from home turned out really great for me because it allowed me to build a completely new

6 Extremely Effective Ways to Take Control of Your Day and Get More Done

Who is Running Your Day?   As a Performance and Productivity Coach, I have seen it all: Clients that are too busy with meetings and emails to work on their most important projects. Clients that have an entire day to make progress on what matters most, yet they end up

The ONE Habit that saves me 10+ Hours each Week

For years I have been struggling with the nagging feeling of not “having time” to get the small, but sometimes important stuff done. I am talking about things like cleaning my car regularly paying that stupid bill calling my doctor for an appointment replying to WhatsApp or Facebook messages from

10 Commandments for Mastering your Focus at Work

Achieve extraordinary results.   Focus is the Key to Success in the 21st Century. Bold statement? Yes — but consider the following: You can probably agree that in order to be successful you should know what success looks like for you and set the goals you want to achieve accordingly.

7 Things I Do When I am Not Motivated

Emergency Techniques to Re-Ignite the Fire Within   Being an Entrepreneur is hard. It’s hard to think about your business every minute of every single day. It’s hard to live in a constant emotional rollercoaster that drives you from ecstatic excitement to oppressive anxiety and back, multiple times a day.

How to Gain Powerful Insights from your Emotions

What are Fear, Anger and Sadness telling you? I used to wish emotions didn’t exist. I used to think they are a useless part of human nature that just deteriorates us from rational thinking. I felt like the only thing emotions do are coming at us, out of nowhere and

5 Steps to Make Journaling your Most Powerful Habit

Supercharge your Personal Development.   1. Create a journaling routine: Pick a time each day (or every few days) where you will dedicate 10–20min to journaling. I find it works best first thing in the morning or before going to bed every day. Put it in your calendar, set a

7 Ways to Identify your Most Important Task

Start your day with your highest priority 2-Do It’s one of the most consistent and repeatedly given productivity advice here on Medium: start your day with your most important task (MIT). It’s easy to know why: If you get your MIT done first thing in the morning, you’ve already won

19 Fresh Ways to Find a Business Idea

Inspiration for your Idea Creation Process Looking for a business idea? Stop googling “business ideas” and start mastering the process of idea generation itself. One of the best ways to generate a consistent flow of new ideas is to approach it from as many different angles as you can think

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