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8 Brutally Honest Lessons From Growing My Coaching Business From $0 to $6k+, in 2 Months

In my first year as a coach, I had four clients. Two of them were friends of mine (they got a heavy discount). Another one hired me for just one single session. And the last one signed up for a month but wasn’t able to afford my services after that.

How To Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

How to own your time through organization and intention “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin Getting things done (the right things) is all about intention. There is a big difference between “Let me quickly check my email” and “Let me take 30 minutes to reply

Why We Procrastinate & How to Fix It

“Procrastination is like a credit card: it is a lot of fun until you get the bill.” — Christopher Parker, English Actor There are countless ways to procrastinate when we need to get stuff done: watch Netflix (Just one episode!) make something to eat (I can’t concentrate when I am

How I got Self-Care All Wrong

13 Fatal Self-Care Mistakes a Bubble Bath Won’t Fix A few months ago I wrote this article on Medium: 50 Small Acts of Self Care with a Big Impact The Everyday Toolkit Like the title reveals it contains an extremely long list of random self-care ideas — including the

How to Fear Less When Going After Your Dreams

How to Build a Strong Base & Effective Emergency Systems Two years ago, I quit my secure full-time job to start my own company. I ventured into the risky waters of financial insecurity with a small boat made of unpolished ideas and leaking self-confidence. I should have expected the storms

Feeling Blue Today? Try This!

A Step-by-Step Plan to Feel Better Instantly Some days I wake up and I feel weird. Other days, I wake up and I feel great and plan all these things to do, but then a few hours later I’ve suddenly lost all my motivation to do anything. Like anything at

What I Learned about Overcoming Hard Times from Battling Anorexia

If things go down, they go down fast. I was 42 kgs at my lowest. I didn’t think it was that low. I read about girls being force-fed in the hospital because they were at 30 kgs. THAT is low, I thought. It all started with buying a book about

4 Things Holding You Back From Accepting Your True Purpose

A guide to overcoming distractions, fears, limiting beliefs, and your ego Each of us came to this world with a special mission. That’s why we are all so unique and our gifts so diverse. Some people are great at bringing people together and creating community. Others can just see through

Why Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back in Life & What To Do About It

The Invisible Walls Between You and Your Dreams Your Reality Is A Reflection Of Your Strongest Beliefs. Beliefs can be described as views we have about ourselves, others and the world as a whole. They determine how we think things are and how they are supposed to be. In fact, how we

Why Being a Digital Nomad Didn’t Give Me Freedom

And Where I Found It Instead Freedom has always been a fundamental value of mine. In my last job, I was a C-level executive at a small startup and maintained a very high degree of autonomy and independence. I was free to choose my own project-related goals, the people I wished to

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