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4 Things Holding You Back From Accepting Your True Purpose

A guide to overcoming distractions, fears, limiting beliefs, and your ego Each of us came to this world with a special mission. That’s why we are all so unique and our gifts so diverse. Some people are great at bringing people together and creating community. Others can just see through

Why Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back in Life & What To Do About It

The Invisible Walls Between You and Your Dreams Your Reality Is A Reflection Of Your Strongest Beliefs. Beliefs can be described as views we have about ourselves, others and the world as a whole. They determine how we think things are and how they are supposed to be. In fact, how we

Why Being a Digital Nomad Didn’t Give Me Freedom

And Where I Found It Instead Freedom has always been a fundamental value of mine. In my last job, I was a C-level executive at a small startup and maintained a very high degree of autonomy and independence. I was free to choose my own project-related goals, the people I wished to

How High-Performers Let Go of Negative Emotions Fast The 4-Step Emotional Reset

If there is ONE thing everybody should know before starting a company it’s this: Be prepared for an Emotional Rollercoaster. Since starting my own company I have felt a wide range of emotions — often over the course of a single day: Crippling Fear — of failure, of success, of being judged and of the

9 Powerful Strategies to Calm Your Monkey Mind …and Finally Find Some Peace of Mind

“I am burdened with ‘the monkey mind’ — the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit, and howl.” - Elizabeth Gilbert Our brains produce 12,000 — 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot. No wonder that the inside of our head sometimes feels like a monkey — jumping around from thought to

How to Get More Done by Communicating Less – The Low Communication Diet

Research shows that the average office worker spends around 23 hours per week in meetings and receives 121 emails per day. That’s a lot of time spent on merely communicating what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Without actually doing it. One could argue that some of

Why You Need a Coach, Not a Mentor

Why You Need a Coach, Not a Mentor - And The Key Difference That Matters Most   I recently got a brave message on LinkedIn saying: “Hey Liz, I read your article on Medium on ‘starting your business while working full time” Those steps really helped me! I’m looking for a mentor

8 Reasons You Lack Motivation — and How to Fix it

Motivation is like a campfire. You need 3 components to reap its full rewards: the matches that get the fire started, the wood that keeps the fire going and the heat to roast your marshmallows. If you have been struggling with motivation lately, you have to take a comprehensive look

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Week to Increase your Productivity, Income, and Impact

Asking the right questions can be an extremely powerful way to take big leaps forward in your life. As a coach, 80% of my job is about asking the right questions at the right time. I ask the questions my clients don’t ask themselves. Sometimes they are afraid of the

10 Rules of the Ultra-Successful to Master your Focus & Achieve your Goals

Focus is THE Key to Success in the 21st Century. Bold statement? Yes — but consider the following: You can probably agree that in order to be successful you should know what success looks like for you and set the goals you want to achieve accordingly. In order to achieve these goals, you

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