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4 Infopreneur Case Studies in Marketing Your Expertise

Learn how these experts successfully sell access to their hard-gained knowledge We live in the age of information, where anyone can create a product with just a few simple, cheap tools. Launching your own blog, podcast, YouTube show, online course, or ebook is easier than ever. All you need is

How to Know What to Prioritize at Work

5 Strategies to Help You Focus on the Right Things If I could boil down everything I have learned about productivity into one simple message, it would be this one: Do What Matters Most. Start your day with your most important task. Focus on your ONE thing. It’s easy to know why:

14 Key Questions to Test Co-Founder Fit

Starting a company together is like getting married. Too many startups get into serious trouble because of issues between the founders. Whether it is conflicting visions for the company, overlapping roles or fundamentally different values and priorities — not talking through the following essentials can really hurt your business in

The ONLY Goal-Getting System You Need To Know

The internet is full of great (or sometimes not so great) free advice on how to achieve almost anything. Want to lose weight? Try the Keto Diet. HIIT workouts. Intermittent Fasting. Want to grow your Medium Audience? Follow people. Write great stuff. Support other writers. Write good headlines. Want to

How to Get to the Next Level of your Personal Growth

You have read enough Medium articles to know what it takes to be successful and why most people never will be. You understand the ins and outs of building a powerful morning routine and the hard truths of being an Entrepreneur. You learned how to accelerate your learning, get a

8 Signs You Are Trapped by Your Own Thoughts

1. You are ridiculously indecisive You are taking ages to choose from the menu, decide your weekend plans or book a flight. You are switching between tasks and projects because you are not sure which one is the most important. Or even worse, you are the bottleneck in your company

How To Actually Do The Things On Your Bucketlist

We all have dreams and “things to do before I die”. Those are things like: Climb a really really high mountain Run a marathon Bungeejump from a bridge Do a world trip Or more things like: Start a business Launch a blog Write a book And if you are like

8 Reasons You Lack Motivation to Work—And How To Fix Them

On whys, goals, exhaustion, and self-belief   Motivation is like a campfire. You need three components to reap its full rewards: the matches that get the fire started, the wood that keeps the fire going, and the heat to roast your marshmallows. If you’ve been struggling with motivation lately, you

10 Success Principles You Will Learn as a First Time Entrepreneur

Solve problems, be obsessive, and learn to manage yourself Two years ago, I quit my secure full-time job to start my own company. I ventured into the risky waters of financial insecurity with a small boat made of unpolished ideas and leaking self-confidence. I should have expected the storms that

8 Brutally Honest Lessons From Growing My Coaching Business From $0 to $6k+, in 2 Months

In my first year as a coach, I had four clients. Two of them were friends of mine (they got a heavy discount). Another one hired me for just one single session. And the last one signed up for a month but wasn’t able to afford my services after that.

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