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8 Reasons You Lack Motivation — and How to Fix it

Motivation is like a campfire. You need 3 components to reap its full rewards: the matches that get the fire started, the wood that keeps the fire going and the heat to roast your marshmallows. If you have been struggling with motivation lately, you have to take a comprehensive look

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Week to Increase your Productivity, Income, and Impact

Asking the right questions can be an extremely powerful way to take big leaps forward in your life. As a coach, 80% of my job is about asking the right questions at the right time. I ask the questions my clients don’t ask themselves. Sometimes they are afraid of the

10 Rules of the Ultra-Successful to Master your Focus & Achieve your Goals

Focus is THE Key to Success in the 21st Century. Bold statement? Yes — but consider the following: You can probably agree that in order to be successful you should know what success looks like for you and set the goals you want to achieve accordingly. In order to achieve these goals, you

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Pick your Priorities for the Week

Start your Day with Intention. It’s one of the most consistent and repeatedly given productivity advice here on Medium: start your day with your most important task (MIT). Focus on your ONE thing. It’s easy to know why: If you get your highest priority things done first thing in the

How I Grew My E-Mail List to 600+ Subscribers without Spending a Cent

Many marketers consider e-mail marketing the holy grail of online marketing. I became one of these people after coming across Bryan Harris’ website with the slogan: “Want random people on the internet to buy stuff from you?” Rarely did I come across such a spot-on question describing my exact desire.

7 Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

Life is only as good as your Mindset I am a strong believer that success and happiness are all about mindset. Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you act and react to the world around you. To achieve your

The ONE Thing That Stopped Me From Starting My Own Business

How to Overcome the Mental Blocks Holding You Back As long as I can remember I wanted to start my own business. I always saw my future self as this strong, professional businesswoman who would travel the world in her sleek suit. That’s why I used to wear blazers and chinos

5 Ways to Kill Distractions and Become Insanely Productive

We live in a distracted world where focusing on ONE thing at a time has become hard or even impossible for us. Research shows that when we get distracted, it takes us an average of 23 minutes to fully focus on our previous task again. But how can we NOT

The Ultimate Guide to Get Started on Your Business Idea

How to Refine and Validate your Idea Business ideas are great. They make us feel like we are onto something. Something big. Our adrenaline spikes and we want to get started right away. But what does “getting started” even mean? Printing your business card? Making a website? Hiring a co-founder? Incorporate

The Dos And Don’ts Of Managing Your Inbox, Calendar, and To-Do List

Using fancy tools to manage your email, task list and calendar can be a great way to increase your overall efficiency at work and in your life. But sometimes the very tools that are meant to make us more productive, actually hold us back from getting stuff done. Sounds familiar?

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