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Have a Dream? Here Are 5 Actionable Steps You Can Take to Make It a Reality

How many times have you watched that documentary on your favorite artist? How many times have you listened to that inspirational podcast? How many times have you watched that YouTube interview with the entrepreneur you idolize? Dreams turn to reality every day. Here’s how you can make yours real too:

Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough? Here’s The Fastest Way To Overcome Any Insecurity

Insecurity is one of the biggest challenges to overcome — with anything. If you listen closely, whenever someone says they don’t want to do something, or it just “isn’t who they are,” there is often an underlying layer of insecurity holding them back. These are the people who say, “I really want to put

11 Ways to Work Poorly with Creative Professionals

Being a creative person inherently means you enjoy living life according to your own rules. The problem is that then when fellow creatives come together, either brilliant collaboration is born — or violent arguments ensue, both sides fighting in the name of “creative freedom.” Us creative types can be quite

The Hardest Part About Starting Your Own Company (Written By A Founder)

I’m a 28 year old founder, and I spend more time talking to founders of successful companies than I do peers my own age. The reason is because my first (and current) company is a Thought Leadership agency for founders, executives, investors, and industry experts called Digital Press. Not a single

What Makes A Great Startup Employee? These 9 Traits

It takes a certain type of personality to want to work at a startup — and the crucial qualities of startup employees you decide to hire. When I was 26 years old, one of my closest friends and I decided we were going to start a company. He was still in the

5 Investment Rules Millennials Should Follow To Build Long-Term Wealth

I am a Millennial. And one of the first things I did upon entering the “real world” was reach out to successful bankers and traders for insight as to how to manage money. It’s a skill that doesn’t get taught in school (at least, not very well), and as a 20-something

To Be a Thought Leader You Have to Say Something New

Being a CEO who appears in reputable publications is not enough I’m an extremely competitive person. When I played hockey growing up, I didn’t just want to have fun. I wanted to make it to the NHL and win the Stanley Cup. When I started playing World of Warcraft as

Why Invest in Thought Leadership?

More and more execs and founders want to be influencers, but why? For the past three years, I’ve worked with over 200 different founders, executives, public speakers, NYT bestselling authors, Olympians, Grammy-winners, and more, helping them build their thought leadership online. There are a variety of different ways to frame

4 Small but Powerful Mental Shifts to Become More Confident

On understatement, practice, and earning your place Most people see confidence as something you’re born with — you either have it or you don’t. But the truth is, confidence is just like any other personality trait. If you want to be more patient, you have to practice patience. If you

The 1 Networking Rule 99 Percent of People Are Afraid to Follow, But Should

How many times have you found yourself at a networking event, only to feel like you’re at a networking event? I’ll let you in on a little secret: These aren’t the events where real networking is taking place. I don’t go to networking events. I don’t attend things that require

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