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What Entrepreneurs And Butterflies Have In Common (This Might Make You Cry)

When I was 19 years old, I found myself on a river in Florida with 12 other guys. We were canoeing 320 miles down into the Gulf of Mexico on a trip called Outward Bound. We were a troubled bunch, kids who had lost their way. Some of us had rough

7 Things All Great Bosses Build Into the Workplace

There are two types of leaders: First, is the leader who builds the entire organization directly under them. They are the captain. When they are around, the team thrives — and when they’re not, the team is aimless and misdirected (because that’s the dynamic they have built). They are still

How Do You Take The Leap From Your 9–5? Follow These 7 Steps

The moment I graduated from college, I made it my mission become a full-time writer. I knew if I wanted to turn “what I loved” into a career, then I was going to have to be the one to figure that out for myself. For three years (and a brief stint

What’s The Best Way To Guarantee a Productive Work Environment? Work With People Who Do This:

Do you ever notice how quickly work gets done with people you enjoy being around? And on the flip-side, do you ever notice how painfully grueling the exact same work can seem when you are around people you just can’t seem to vibe with? There is absolutely something to be

No Matter Which Industry You Tackle, Take These 3 Steps First

Find a community, understand its rules, and make it your lifestyle Habits are universal. We are all human, which means that success and how it is achieved is also largely universal. What someone learns in one industry is often extremely similar to what someone learns in a completely opposite industry

20 Things You Should Ask Yourself If You’re Wondering If Entrepreneurship Is Right for You

The dream of entrepreneurship exists in the minds of the ambitious, the ones who believe they can reach for the stars. And in their minds, they can see it. They know what they want to build — and if they don’t know what to build, they know they just want

4 Simple Steps You Should Follow To Turn What You Love Into A Startup

When I was 26 years old, I decided to quit my job and become a freelance writer. At the time, I had no real aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. I remember having breakfast with my boss and mentor at the time, giving him my 4-weeks notice, and him asking me if

Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Being Too Productive. Here’s How

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as being “too productive.” I like to think about this in two ways: First, you are being “too productive” the moment that your input becomes disproportionate to your output. Let’s use writing as an example. I know a good many writers who feel all sorts

7 Brutal Life Lessons Everyone Has to Learn Multiple Times

How many times does it take to learn the same lesson? Life is not a checklist. It is a practice. The thing with knowledge is that it can decay if left ignored — and that goes for anything. Just because you did it once does not mean it won’t happen again. Or

The Single Best Advice I Was Ever Given As A Founder

Dedicated to: Ron Gibori “When everyone is rattled by the storm, you have to bring the calm.” I will never forget the morning I met my mentor for breakfast and put in my 2-weeks notice. He had been my boss for almost four years. I had gotten the job working for

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