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Stop Ignoring These 7 Inspiring Truths (and Become Your Best Self Today)

People know who they have the potential to be. The challenge is seeing that process through. Self-development is an art. It takes time. It requires patience. It asks you to step outside your comfort zone. It is challenging — and that’s the point. However, the biggest challenge when it comes to self-development is

9 Sad Reasons People Stay in Jobs They Don’t Like (Even Though They Always Talk About Leaving)

I never understood why people complained about their jobs, and yet didn’t take any action toward changing the situation for themselves. They go on and on about how they are mistreated, or undervalued, or underpaid, or bored, or “burned out,” or don’t like the people they work with, and yet

Retirement Isn’t the Only Thing Millennials Should Be Saving for (This One Is Crucial Too)

Ok, Millennials. Listen up. Here’s what nobody teaches you in school. Sure, we memorized the capitals of all 50 states. We learned how to find the hypotenuse. We learned how to say, “I would like a cheeseburger, please,” in French. But nobody told us how to manage our money effectively. Nobody explained what

If You Have These 3 Things in Place, You Will Master Any Industry

Habits are universal. We are all human. Which means that success and how it is achieved is also largely universal. What someone learns in one industry is often extremely similar to what someone learns in a completely opposite industry — when reduced down to their simplest habits. Regardless of what industry you

This Is The Type Of Content That Goes Viral

One of the ironies of the Internet is that when you write things you expect people to read, nobody reads them. When you write things you’re a little hesitant to share (because they reveal something vulnerable about you), everybody reads them. The more honest the content, the more it gets shared.

19 Tiny Habits That Lead to Huge Results

Success doesn’t happen in an instant. It happens through the progression of lots of little successes, strung together over time. If you want to build something big, if you have a vision, a dream, or even just a clearly defined end goal, the question is not how you can make

5 Things Every Young Person Should Look for in a Mentor

I have had multiple mentors in my life, all in varying industries, niches, and interests. I can say with one hundred percent confidence that they were one of the biggest drivers behind my growth as a person. However, knowing how to find a mentor and also knowing who to let

Feel Like You Aren’t Good Enough? Here’s The Fastest Way To Overcome Any Insecurity

Insecurity is one of the biggest challenges to overcome — with anything. If you listen closely, whenever someone says they don’t want to do something, or it just “isn’t who they are,” there is often an underlying layer of insecurity holding them back. These are the people who say, “I really want to put myself

7 Brutal Life Lessons Everyone Has to Learn Multiple Times

How many times does it take to learn the same lesson? Life is not a checklist. It is a practice. The thing with knowledge is that it can decay if left ignored — and that goes for anything. Just because you did it once does not mean it won’t happen again. Or just because

7 Best Practices for Networking That Actually Work

Your network is your net worth. When people think about networking, they imagine themselves walking around a big event, trying their best to be extroverted. They think about shaking hands and exchanging business cards, with the hope that sometime in the not-so-distant future an unbelievable opportunity will fall right into

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