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4 Small but Powerful Mental Shifts to Become More Confident

On understatement, practice, and earning your place Most people see confidence as something you’re born with — you either have it or you don’t. But the truth is, confidence is just like any other personality trait. If you want to be more patient, you have to practice patience. If you

The 1 Networking Rule 99 Percent of People Are Afraid to Follow, But Should

How many times have you found yourself at a networking event, only to feel like you’re at a networking event? I’ll let you in on a little secret: These aren’t the events where real networking is taking place. I don’t go to networking events. I don’t attend things that require

The Definition Of Opportunity Cost—And How To Choose The Better Of Two Opportunities

I was 23 years old when I first heard the term “opportunity cost.” I had just started working at a creative agency downtown Chicago, and the creative director (who was also one of the founders) had taken me under his wing. We were sitting in the back room, which we called The

7 Things All Great Bosses Build Into the Workplace

There are two types of leaders: First, is the leader who builds the entire organization directly under them. They are the captain. When they are around, the team thrives — and when they’re not, the team is aimless and misdirected (because that’s the dynamic they have built). They are still

How Do You Take The Leap From Your 9–5? Follow These 7 Steps

The moment I graduated from college, I made it my mission become a full-time writer. I knew if I wanted to turn “what I loved” into a career, then I was going to have to be the one to figure that out for myself. For three years (and a brief stint

The One Thing Everybody Gets Wrong About B2B Marketing

Yes, it’s about business, but you’re still selling to people Everybody thinks B2B marketing is vastly different from marketing B2C. It’s not. B2B marketing is not about getting a company to buy. That’s because, at the end of the day, you’re not selling to a company or a business. The entities

10 Misconceptions People Have About Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Going against the grain isn’t easy. Sure, the title of being an “entrepreneur” in today’s world is a lot cooler than it used to be. But that doesn’t make the process any less difficult. Being an entrepreneur still means enduring a lot of tough lessons, hearing “No” too many times

How We Decided Who Should Be CEO, And Who Should Be COO

When I first started Digital Press with Drew Reggie, we were founder and co-founder. We split all ownership 50/50, and set out to build the company together, however, I assumed the role of “founder” for a few reasons: I have a strong personal brand on the Internet. I am heavily involved in the

Got A Startup? Here Are 3 Rules For Raising Money

Building a company of my own has taught me one very simple, very basic, and yet very complicated rule about entrepreneurship: How much time you’ve spent on it doesn’t matter. How hard you’ve worked on it doesn’t matter. How many people around you who think (or don’t think) you’re going to

Is It Still Possible To Gain Traction On Instagram? 3 Simple Ways To Get Started In 2019

When it comes to effective digital marketing strategies, one of the most common questions people ask is, “Is it still possible to gain traction on Instagram?” Short answer: yes. Long answer: let me explain why. It really doesn’t matter what platform you’re talking about, it’s “always” possible to be successful

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