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Building the Team Is the Main Thing Every Time

Read Carefully

There are no exceptions

The Ingredients Make the Meal

For many years, I would go to restaurants and wonder how certain meals could just be incredible. I would search for recipes and try to replicate them at home. In most cases, I felt disappointment when my home-cooked meals did not match the meals that I experienced.

How Do You Get the Right People on the Bus?

Finding the Right People

Wickman suggests that the best way to find the right people is to make sure that each person shares the same core values as you and your organization.

Finding the Right Seat

Most organization that I have been involved with stop after they find the right person. They celebrate when they have a great person who fits in with the culture, people, and mission.

Using the Best Spices to Create the Perfect Meal

Just like finding the best ingredients makes the best meal, finding the right people for the team creates the best team.

  1. The wrong people create chaos in my life and destroy any ability to have freedom, margin, or choices.
  1. Personal advisors. The only way that I can focus on my own future is to have advisors around me that understand and are experts in the areas in which I do not have expertise. Being in business, I need a great tax advisor, a great accountant, a great banker, a great insurance agent, and even great lawyers (even though I am one, there are many areas of the law — too many to be an expert in all). I also need great advisors and operators in other areas: film production, property management, financial planning, operations, social media, marketing, and many others.
  2. Organizations that I advise. Many times, I am just one advisor to an organization. In fact, if I am the only advisor, I often demand that the organization seek other advisors that I can work with. There is danger in just having one advisor for all areas. I constantly tell business owners and management teams that they need to have multiple advisors. Then empower those advisors to work together.

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