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Why People Get Excited About New Ideas, Only To Get Bored And Give Up

Short post, but it’s important. When people get excited about a new idea, their excitement is almost always fueled by two things: The idea that a massive reward can be obtained with minimal work/cost. Other people deem this thing “important,” and so the idea of doing something important makes you

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10 Myths About Success—And Why They’re Embarassingly Incorrect

Success is a tricky word. It implies so much, and yet it’s difficult to pin down exactly what “success” actually looks like. Is success a yacht? Is success the ability to do what you love from a beach? Is success being part of a company on the forefront of innovation?

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Work on What Is Undeniable

Use two skills that all creatives should crave. I’ve learned a valuable lesson repeatedly over the last 20 years: all good ideas somehow start with my wife. I realized this, again, sitting in a cozy nook at a local bookstore. I was part of a small audience, listening to best-selling

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A Psychologist’s Extremely Practical Guide to Achieving Your Goals

Viktor Frankl survived the Holocaust. From his perspective, there was one reason why: He was able to maintain a sense of purpose. As he wrote in his vital memoir Man’s Search for Meaning, those in the concentration camps who lost a sense of hope quickly decayed, while those who saw

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Building the Team Is the Main Thing Every Time

There are no exceptions For most people, there is one “main thing” — that if done regularly, repeatedly, and consistently — will lead to disproportionate successful results. But what is that elusive “main thing”? And how do we figure it out? For me, it all comes down to food. Permit

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How to Keep Going as an Entrepreneur When Sh*t gets Tough

Entrepreneurs are a remarkable species: They jump far out of their comfort zone to follow their dreams — even if other people consider them crazy. They do things every day that others are not willing to do — even if nobody understands. They are faced with great uncertainty and sometimes

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Top 10 Steve Jobs Success Secrets for Insane Productivity

I just finished reading “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, the only authorized biography of one of the most creative minds of all time. I watched the movie based on the book and his other biopic — simply titled “Jobs” — last year. Driven to learn more about his innovations, productivity, leadership, and marketing

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Unless You’re Doing These 5 Things, You’re Not a Thought Leader in Your Industry

The term “thought leader” is one of the most misunderstood titles in business. Tied for first is the term “influencer.” But the truth is, most people are neither. They’re not influential, and they aren’t a Thought Leader. And the reason is because they don’t understand what game they’re actually playing. Being

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It’s Not About The Failure, It’s How Fast You Can Get Back Up

Image credit: Allison Maslan 5 Leadership Lessons With Author Allison Maslan “We all get knocked down. Things fall apart, money comes and goes, opportunities fall at our feet and others elude us. The key is knowing that whatever the challenge or disappointment is, you can get right back up and find

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5 Soft Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs To Master (Otherwise Your Business Will Fail)

Entrepreneurs love to live in the clouds. It’s so much easier to talk about the big vision, the grand achievement, the cliche mantras that those who have already achieved “success” claim inevitably ladder up to a massively successful business. But the moment you become an entrepreneur and step into the

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