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The 5 Elements your Personal Development Efforts are Missing

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Take your Personal Growth to the Next Level

You have read enough Medium articles to know what it takes to be successful and why most people never will be. You understand the ins and outs of building a powerful morning routine and the hard truths of being an Entrepreneur. You learned how to accelerate your learning, get a mentor and invest in yourself.

But there is something missing. It’s these 5 elements of true personal development:

1. Making the Decision to Change

The truth is, you could read about personal development 2 hours every day and still don’t change a thing in your life.

Which is okay — if you are merely interested in personal development, but not actually committed to it.

All these articles out there, they are here to inspire you. To motivate you to start your own journey. To give you the tools and information you need to make it happen. And because of this, they can be really really powerful.

Because the good stuff here on Medium is created by people that know what they are talking about. They are sharing first hand experience. They are sharing their own journey to become better and achieve their dreams.

And it all started with a conscious choice. The choice to take what you have learned, reflect on it, make a plan and go and do it.

2. Consistent, Deliberate Action

If you wanted to, you could try a new personal development technique, tool or strategy every day. Which is great.

But it doesn’t get you anywhere.

What works though is consistent, deliberate action towards your goals.

Starting with one tiny little habit. And sticking to it every single day. No excuses.

And then increasing the frequency, intensity or duration of your habit some more.

And then stacking another habit on top.

But never fail to be consistent.

Because consistency is the only way you will get the rewards of your compounded effort.

3. Knowing your WHY

Do you know WHY you are doing this all for? Why do you want to be better than yesterday? Healthier? More productive? A better thinker?

Personal Development is not an end goal in itself. It’s the means to an end. Being the healthiest, happiest and most productive version of yourself is your tool to change the world. To build something you can be proud of. To make an impact in other people’s lives.

Become obsessed with being better everyday. But find your WHY. And work on it as hard as you work on yourself.

4. Reflecting on your Own Experience

What works for Tim Ferriss, Benjamin Hardy and Nicolas Cole, might not work for you.

Because ultimately, personal development is all about finding the strategies, tools and frameworks that uniquely work for you. Or creating them yourself. And combining them in new unique ways that 10x your personal growth and set you up for success.

To do that, you need to question what you are doing over and over again. Read a book or an article on Medium. Reflect on the concepts presented in the article. Take away what makes sense to you and think about how you can apply it to your own life. Test out the strategy and have a hypothesis of its effects, whether it is more energy, happiness or productivity. Do it long enough to gather some data in your journal about how the strategy is working for you. And then review your journal. Reflect what worked well, what didn’t. What you learned. What surprised you. Whether you will continue to use the strategy. Or adapt it. Experimenting and reflecting on your experiments is what will really accelerate your personal growth.

5. Sharing your Learnings

The more you read about personal development and do experiments yourself, the more ideas and insights you will have. Don’t keep these to yourself!

Share them with the world!

Comment your own experience on other people’s articles on Medium or write one yourself. Share it with your friends and colleagues at work. Give a talk somewhere. Write a book. Make a podcast.

There is countless ways to share your experience with the world. Use it to inspire people to go on their own personal development journey. But also tell them how to really use the power of personal development: making the decision to change, taking consistent deliberate action, knowing your why, reflecting on your own experience and sharing your learnings.

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Liz Huber
Liz Huber Author

Liz Huber is a Mindset & Productivity Coach and Founder of With her books, courses, and 1-on-1 work, she helps entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm, lack of focus, fear, and self-doubt. As a result, her clients are able to confidently achieve their goals by prioritizing what is truly important and streamlining everything else.  

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