Read Carefully

Welcome to the Absolute Influence Podcast. Our new upcoming podcast will bring you a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, business leaders, journalists, marketing experts and many other exciting individuals.

In the first episodes we will meet Kay Burley from Sky News, Ramon Ray -entrepreneur, inspirational keynote speaker and author - as well as Rand Fishkin, the former CEO & Co-founder of Moz.

These guests and many more share their experience and views, talk about their big wins and failures, and share with our listeners some great tips which helped them with their entrepreneurial ventures.

Absolute Influence succeeds in shedding light on the most interesting aspects and facts from the world of business, marketing and technology and provides specialist insight to inspire and entertain our audience.

With each episode, the Absolute Influence Podcast tells you things you always wanted to know about running your own business, becoming a leader and making your big plans come to life. We want our listeners, entrepenerus and business owners – both large and small – to use our advice and content to supercharge their brands.

Listen every two weeks for the latest news in marketing, PR, branding and business! You can find and listen to our podcast on the Absolute Influence website and iTunes